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RST has the largest system resources in the Nordic region to measure and collect all necessary information about roads, cargo areas, ports and airports.

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RST has the largest expertise in road technology in the Nordic countries where we both dimension, conduct maintenance investigations, advise on material selection, and handle delivery follow-up in operation and maintenance.

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The Raptor is Ramboll’s newest product. Ramboll acquired the entire Raptor project from Dynatest in 2020. Instead of just getting spot checks which is the normal situation when using the FWD for bearing capacity measurement, the Raptor provides a continuous stream of data describing the structural condition of pavements. The advantage of continuous data as opposed to measurements taken in discrete points is that the entire length of pavement is scanned thus weak spots and discontinuities can be detected.  Raptor can measure 150-400 kilometers per day making it feasible to scan an entire highway network in weeks. Raptor can also be used at project level.  Raptor measures at normal traffic speeds without the need for traffic management, making the operation safer. The vehicle is sufficiently small and maneuverable that it can be used even in cities.


We develop, design and build world-leading measurement systems and analysis applications. We are known for our high quality. Our products are used throughout the world. We have delivered more than 40 systems to different parts of the world.

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"We win the contracts for the third year in a row with the motivation that we have a unique expertise in operations and maintenance combined with long experience and efficiency in field measurements."

Virgilio Pérez

Road surface measurement with Laser RST on everything from major roads to walking and cycle paths. This provides a quick and effective picture of the state of parameters such as grooves, roughness, geometry and cracking.

Sustainability surveys that include, for example, geo-radar, visual damage inventory, sampling and falling weight survey. Advice in road design, materials selection for streets and roads, and support for inspections and functional procurement.

Maintenance investigations  for municipalities in order to clearly present an objective and long-term planning and decision basis for politicians and officials.