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Road marking construction management

Since 2018, Ramboll RST has  offered a comprehensive service in which we survey, assess maintenance needs, and ensure the right quality and function of road markings. This is a prerequisite for road safety. 

Contact Person: Per-Åke Eng
Phone: +46 10 615 54 19


Life Cycle Cost Analysis, for a thorough review of costs throughout the technical life of the road construction.

How do different designs and choices affect costs over an entire life cycle? Ramboll RST offers LCC analysis of road constructions, where cost drivers and risks are identified, before they occur.

Contact: Christian Nilsson
Phone: +46 10 615 55 36

Maintenance Investigation

Ramboll RST offers a maintenance study that presents a detailed picture of the condition of streets, roads and GC networks. The results give politicians and officials useful information for budget work. Such maintenance studies allow the efforts to be optimized to give the greatest effect and best function of tax investment.

For more information on Maintenance Investigation read here (PDF)

Contact: Peter Mauritzson
Phone: +46 10 615 54 46

Coating Design

The purpose of a coating design is to be able to perform the most efficient coating measure for smoothness and geometry on the road. With our Pave Design software, it is possible to optimize milling by adjusting quantities in order to minimize the need for new coating while meeting the required requirements.

For more information about Pave Design read here (PDF)

Contact: Christian Glantz
Phone: +46 10 615 54 56

Operation of public roads

Ramboll RST's Road Maintenance unit’s accumulated experience in operation and maintenance of both state and municipal roads is unique in the country. We have a local presence from north to south through the delivery follow-up that is carried out by the Swedish Transport Administration in most operating areas. 

Contact: Virgilio Pérez
Phone: +46 70 53 43 791

Road engineering

Ramboll RST has Sweden's leading road technical expertise gathered in the Road Technology unit, with the capacity to perform all types of surveys and inventories in the field as well as to analyze the results for the best results to the customer. Our greatest strength is the broad knowledge and that we handle the entire chain from road to report.

Contact: Martin Wiström
Phone: +46 10 615 54 12

Bearing capacity Investigation

For more information about Bearing capacity Investigation, please contact:

Martin Wiström
Phone: +46 10 615 54 12