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 Infrastructure Asset Management

Condition measurement of road markings

Customer: Swedish Transport Administration
Responsible for Ramboll RST: Berne Nielsen
Project launch: 2017
Project end: 2019

The condition measurements shall give the Swedish Transport Administration the overview they need to create an idea of the current state of the road network, with respect to the longitudinal road marking.

The result is used as an internal control tool in the distribution of maintenance money between the six regions. The measurements also provide answers to how well the state road network meets the Swedish Transport Administration's functional requirements, requirements that are set to give road users and the cars' support systems the visual guidance they need to ensure that the vehicles can be driven safely.

In connection with the project, delivery and guarantee checks are also carried out on the contractors' work. A job that requires a great deal of experience and habit of functional control, which Ramboll RST is a leader in in the Nordic countries.